Interactive ENTERTAINMENT for E-sport EVENTS

Have you heard of the interactive entertainment for e-sport events that we supply worldwide?
Looking for a more exciting entertainment for all e-sport events?

Interactive E-sport Entertainment at Its Finest

Provide first class entertainment at all your e-sport events worldwide with the exceptional talent we have here at Streets United Event Entertainment. Our interactive activities such as remote control car racing we engage any audience present and give them a fun filled time that they won’t forget.

Our football game activities are well known in areas such as London UK as well as Porto Portugal as one of the best game activities present at any e-sport event. Large crowds can’t help but be drawn to and admire our interactive digital graffiti walls. These interactive graffiti walls with their assortment of colors and artistic flares tend to draw in numerous people who are drawn to their eye-catching appearance.

Along with the interactive graffiti walls our artists also involve themselves in beautiful t-shirt designing selling thousands throughout Europe in Italy and Spain at a numerous e-sport entertainment events. The most popular interactive entertainment by far is the drone flying VR experience, allowing clients to fully immerge themselves in virtual reality taking on a large number of different yet entertaining scenes and activities.

Our drone flying VR experience, popular in Liverpool and Manchester UK takes interactive entertainment for e-sport events to a whole new level and is definitely an experience that will entertain the crowds, leaving them mind blown in the process.

Don’t miss out on these exceptional talents for all your e-sport events. Contact us for more information regarding our acts as well as bookings at

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