Interactive Entertainment for MOTORBIKE events

MotorBike event racing game entertainment

Are you looking for Interactive Entertainment for motorbike events? 
Do you need your audience at a motorbike event to kept entertained?

This extremely interactive and highly competitive motorbike remote control track setup has been so successful and proven a highlight of entertainment at a variety of different types of motorbike events. 
Whether it be a MotoGp event or a motorbike exhibition, a product launch or a new motorbike this Interactive entertainment setup has been designed specifically to entertain motorbike enthusiasts and bike audiences from any type of culture or background. 

Ages of people that can play or have a go on this interactive entertainment start from as little as 5 years old and right up to 95 years old.
This motorbike setup is undoubtedly one of the best interactive entertainment for motorbike gatherings that any motorbike event can have.

Size & numbers

The size of this interactive entertainment for motorbike events rangers from between 4 people to 20 people racing at a time.
Entertaining motorbike fans at any type of event could not be easier with this simple remote-controlled motorbike racing course.

Guests will be able to register themselves and take a picture of themselves which will then register when they come to race and they’re live status during the race can be seen on a live screen so that the commentator overlooking the whole race will be mentioning their name whether they are losing or winning.

 Prizes and Competitions

This world’s top interactive entertainment for motorbike events can be set up as a race knockout stage or simply a competition to see who can achieve the quickest time throughout an event day. The person who has the quickest time could be the winner of a given prize by the sponsor of the event. There is also the opportunity of having branding on all of the cars or the actual racecourse circuit setup.

This amazing interactive entertainment for motorbike events has been so successful and enjoyed at corporate eventssporting events, team building events and festival events e-sport events, technologyevents and product launch events. 

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