Interactive ENTERTAINMENT for team building events

Interactive ENTERTAINMENT for team building events

What kind of Interactive ENTERTAINMENT for team building events are available?

How can team building events be made more exciting?

Interactive entertainment for team building events is always a great way to engage employees and increase team cohesion. It is a great way to create memories that will stay with your team. They are an effective tool for communication and engagement, which can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Interactive Drumming Experience

This is a great team building activity as it can get everyone interacting and enjoying (or not enjoying if someone is going wild on the drums). This is also a great way for non-drummers to play drums, and for drummers to jam with other musicians. How it normally works is everyone is given a mini hand held drum they place in their laps and follow the lead of the professional teacher.

In the technological world of today there are different options where an interactive drummer plugs into a mixer and connects to a computer or laptop. The drummer has access to an unlimited amount of sound samples on their computer so they can create beats and loops that they want to use.

Graffiti interactive wall

This is a unique way of getting team members to interact. Graffiti walls encourage people to express themselves in the physical world. They act as a tool to get people out of their digital bubbles and explore different ways of interaction with their surroundings. Teams either create something or to make it more competitive, a judge decides on the best creation.

Interactive ENTERTAINMENT for team building events
Graffiti wall

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