International conference EVENT entertainment IDEAS

International conference EVENT entertainment IDEAS

What kind of International conference EVENT entertainment IDEAS are out there?

Can entertainment help to increase attendance at conferences?

There are many International conference EVENT entertainment IDEAS to choose from at Streets United. With a combination of lights, acrobatics and freestylers to name a few we can ensure your conference has the best entertainment on offer.

Laser Light Entertainment

One very popular event entertainment idea is laser lighting. These can portray light in many different forms. If your conference is based around music we have plenty of musical laser artists on offer such as a laser harpist and laser light violinist. Both shows are great to watch when musical notes omit from laser lit projection lights. Another show that’s a great entertainment pleaser is laser fighters. These artists omit  various colours of light from their outfits everytime they make a move resulting in a very colourful and entertaining show.

Spark Mirror Dancers at International Conferences

These mirror costume dance performers  are reflective (pun intended) and a great addition to have as entertainment. They have the ability to do walkabout entertainment or live choreographed performances to suit any event. They can walk through the whole conference area and mingle with guests. This provides a perfect photo opportunity for your entire audience. Their outfits have a unique design of many pieces of reflective wear resulting in an excellent mirror effect. These performers choreograph their routines according to a certain type of music or a certain type of audience and provide the most effective entertainment.

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