Juggling Entertainers at Events

Juggling duo entertainers

Do you want to a juggling duo at your event?

What uniqueness can juggling entertainers bring to your event?

Below are some tips and advice on how juggling entertainment can entertain your guests no matter what event it is.

Juggling duo entertainers
Juggling duo entertainers

When it comes to romantic juggling this duo juggling couple certainly show their romance in their juggling skills. Whether it be on a street performance or for entertainment at a wedding their juggling entertainment is always creative and very eye-catching.
Types Of Juggling Entertainers

Juggling is a form of entertainment that has come from many many years ago. These days jugglers have become more advanced and even use enough more technology in their juggling entertainment in the form of LED light up juggling apparatus.

Here are a couple of different types of juggling that can be performed at various types of events.

The Solo speed juggler……
A single juggler that juggles with Dynamic speed and often juggles with over 10 objects

The Romantic juggling Duo …….
The couple in the video below is a perfect sample of a juggling romantic duo. They perform and entertain using there different sequences and combinations of juggling styles.

The Large Juggling Group……..The large juggling groups comprises of between 5-10 jugglers. Juggling groups perform a variety of combinations and choreographed moves where they juggle between each other creating different sequences and formations. Some juggling entertainer groups can be as large as 50.

Audience Engagement and Workshops

Juggling entertainers at events can also give interactive and engaging workshops. These juggling skills workshops are coordinated and can be taught to kids as young as three years old and to adults that are over 90 years old.

The juggling entertainers will demonstrate very basic juggling skills teaching the guests at any type of event really simple types of juggling combinations.

Types of Events these Juggling Entertainers can perform at

The different types of events that this juggling duo have performed at in the past include festivals, promotional exhibitions, street festivals, corporate events and weddings. Juggling entertainers can also be used at brand awareness events – product launches and shopping mall promotional events.
Their juggling performance can either be staged based or a walkabout roaming type of performance.

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