LED Light Free Running Show

LED-Lit Parkour Team

Have you ever seen Free Running in action?

Do you need some advice on entertainment for a LED lights show?

Hopefully our ideas on a LED Light Free Running Show can inspire you!


Parkour Free-running at night with LED light suits. A pretty impressive and highly visual show.  These world class parkour free runners have put together a live LED show concept that can be used for any live event-product launch-awards ceremony-street marketing event-charity function – gala dinner or corporate event.
A show can consist of as little as 2 LED parkour runners up to 4 LED lit parkour free runners.
The show can be performed to any piece of music and choreographed according to the event setting or theme.

These professional parkour artists have been involved in a number of TV commercials, blockbuster movies and movie premiers and performed for brands such as Bloomingdales, Duracel, Westfield, adidas, Assasins Creed, Olympus and ADNEC just to name a few

– A dry area is preferred to perform in
– A cordoned off area is if the show is in a public location
– A sound system for show music to be played

For more information about this LED light PARKOUR FREE-RUNNING SHOW please contact

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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