Mannequin Human Statues

Have you ever seen Human Statues entertainers?

Do you need some advice on what entertainment would work well at live events?

Hopefully we can give you some tips with our article below on Mannequin Human Statues!

Event Hotel human statue

Having a Human STILL STATUE at an event sets a unique atmosphere to the event entrance or main event hall.
No matter the theme of the event there is a HUMAN PAINTED or NON-PAINTED HUMAN STATUE that is perfect for the event.
Human statues vary in style, dress code and elegance all depending on the theme of the event.
Nowadays there has entered a new breed of human statues better known as LEVITATING or FLOATING human statues.
These so called levitating statues give the impression to the human eye that the human statue is actually floating in the air and visually is VERY IMRESSIVE no matter where the human statue is placed.
The metal frame supported levitating statues disguise their levitation with their costumes.

These particular human still statues have performed and been present at various events such as private events – charity balls – dinner galas – sports awards ceremonies – street festivals – corporate events – childrens parties – store openings and product launches. And have performed for brands such as BMW, Microsoft, Marks & Spencer, BT, Guinness, Cartier, Samsung and Nissan just to name but a few.

– 2M X 2M minimum spacing
– A cordoned off area if statues are in a public walkway area
– Adequate heating if it’s a winter climate and statues are outside
– A covered area If weather is due to be wet on the event day

For more information about living human statues please contact:

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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