Live Entertainment for Theme Parks

Trash Can Percussion Entertainers

Are you an event organiser for theme parks?

Do you need live entertainment that will gather the crowds?

We have put together a list showcasing the greatest Live Entertainment for Theme Parks!


Basketball LED Light Dunk Show

Sports Entertainment doesn’t come much more exciting than this! If you want an attraction that is fun for all ages and unique then look no further than a Basketball LED Light Dunk Show! Watch as professional basketballers soar through the air using LED suits and basketballs to create a spectacle like no other!

If you’re looking for Live Entertainment for Theme Parks that’s exciting and memorable then look no further than this!


Trash Can Percussion Entertainers

Have you ever seen a drum show without drums? These talented musicians can create music out of just about anything! Trash Can Percussion Entertainers draw a crowd with a set up that includes the use of buckets, trash cans, spoons, and more which they use to put on a percussion performance with a difference!

If it’s a music show with a difference you want, then this is a great example of Live Entertainment for Theme Parks.


Laser Guy Show

Want entertainment that will light up the stage? A Laser Guy Show involves a talented entertainer in a futuristic suit accompanied by laser equipment that they use to bend light to their will in a way that will shock the crowd!

As Live Entertainment for Theme Parks goes this is something you’ll want to have!


LED Paint Drummer

Live Entertainment for Theme Parks has a brilliant new addition with an LED Paint Drummer! Taking a traditional drum show into the modern age with the use of specialist LED lit drums that are covered in paint that jumps into the air in a spectrum of awesome colours with every beat!


Tightrope Stunt Show

How about some acrobatic and gravity-defying entertainment at the theme park? The audience will watch in amazement as talented performers pull off outrageous moves in a Tightrope Stunt Show!

Crowds go crazy for these entertainers so what better way than this to wrap up our list of Live Entertainment for Theme Parks?!


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