MAGIC TRICKS with Mobile Phones

Entertainer Magic Tricks on Mobile Phones

Have you ever witnessed MAGIC TRICKS with mobile phones?

Would a mobile phone magician be perfect for your corporate or private event?

MAGIC TRICKS with mobile phones have over the past 5 years being created by some very talented professional magicians.


This magic mobile phone tricks specialist has performed his mobile phone magic at huge mobile and cell phone conferences as well as exhibitions and launches around the world.

Promotional events have also utilized this highly professional mobile phone magic magician for launches and activations in different cities including Cairo Egypt, Doha Qatar, UAE Dubai and Singapore.

The specialist magician MAGIC TRICKS with mobile phones has also been the forefront of many video and social media marketing campaigns.

Adapting Tricks to Events

If there is a certain element that needs adapting to with a mobile phone or cell phone magic trick the talented mobile phone magician will adapt any specification of magic trick to his walkabout performances or his live stage show performances. If there is a certain product or branding or business card that needs to be pulled out of the mobile phone or revealed on the mobile phone as a magic trick then this is something that the specialist mobile magician can certainly create and perform.

Involving Audiences

Performing MAGIC TRICKS with mobile phones for this specialist mobile phone magician is even more enhanced when he involves his live audiences. By using live audiences and watching crowds whether the guests are in a queue lining up to enter an exhibition or sitting down waiting for the reveal of the new mobile phone to be launched, how this mobile phone magician incorporates people into his MAGIC TRICKS with mobile phones is absolutely incredible and this can be seen by the reaction of people once they see his tricks.

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