MUSIC STUNT Entertainment for EVENTS

MUSIC STUNT Entertainment for EVENTS

Would you be interested in MUSIC STUNT Entertainment for EVENTS?

Are you hosting an event and looking for musical entertainment?

There are a lot of events with musical entertainment, but if you want your event to stand out, then you need to have MUSIC STUNT entertainment for EVENTS! Streets United can provide you with this incredible and unique entertainment option that will take musical entertainment to a new dimension! For this performance, you can choose between an acrobat pianist, a rolling stunt piano player and suspended aerial drum performers, each lasting between five to ten minutes. Perfect for music concerts, touring shows, corporate events or product launches, this MUSIC STUNT entertainment for EVENTS will be a great addition to your event and entertain guests of all ages!

Keeping it relaxed

If you want a relaxed performance which will surprise your guests, the acrobatic pianist will play on her piano on top of a spinning platform. She will hold splits and handstands positions. All this will happen whilst executing acrobatic moves being performed on top of the spinning piano! If you prefer two performers whilst keeping the piano element, then the rolling stunt piano player will be perfect! While the pianist plays for your guests, a dancer shows off her moves on top of the rolling piano. This is an amazing performance to watch.

A more dynamic option

If, however, the piano seems too calm for your event and you would like a more energetic performance, then you will like the suspended aerial drum performers! These entertainers will play and perform acrobatic moves in synch and amaze your guests! 

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