New Store launch entertainment 2022

How can new store launch entertainment 2022 be bigger, better and more glamorous?

Is there a gap in the market for launching new stores in 2022?

As many shops have been left dormant for almost a year and a half now, everyone is raring to get going again. Some stores had to close down because of no business therefore paving the way for new stores to be launched. Streets United will provide new store launch entertainment 2022 for any store you wish to open.

Entertainment Provided

We can satisfy all your entertainment needs ranging from subtle and elegant entertainment to extreme and show-stopping. Just ask and we will see how we can help to suit your theme, event and budget.

Launch with a bang!

This isn’t your standard entertainment showstopper, but it’s definitely unique! Fancy having a string of beautifully coloured balloons across the front of your new store? Streets United can provide you with a professional balloon artist who can create columns, arches and many more amazing balloon displays to suit your store. If you want something for the kids, the balloon entertainer can even twist balloons into different characters.

Acrobatic Entertainers

If you want to entice crowds to your new store acrobatic performers are definitely the way to go. They can be anything from football freestylers, basketball freestylers or any sporting acrobats can be provided especially if it’s for the launch of a new sports shop. These entertainers will show off their unique skills by using their different sporting abilities to perform tricks as well as the equipment that goes with the sport. You will not be disappointed with what’s on offer to choose from!

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding new store launch entertainment 2022 then please contact Streets United using the details below.

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