2022 Unique Event Entertainment

What 2022 unique event entertainment would you like to see happening?

How can 2022 events be made to impress audiences?

When it comes to entertainment, Streets United can definitely deliver. They can provide you with 2022 unique event entertainment to wow your audience or guests. When it comes to entertainment there is a vast pool of entertainers to choose from. We can suggest the best entertainers for your event that suits your budget. Seeing as 2020 was a year of no entertainment, Streets United is coming back with a vengeance for 2022 events.

Unique LED Dress Singer

If you’re after a professional singer, we can provide you with something very unique. Our LED dress singer has the most beautiful voice whilst donning some colourful lighted dressers during her performance. You can project whatever you wish to display on her dress through an LED screen such as a projection of images and messages or logos.

Recycled Material Artwork

This is another very unique entertainment idea where ONLY recycled material creates amazing artwork. Materials used are such things like old shoes, car parts and used graffiti cans along with pieces of rope and broken furniture. These items are all stuck into positions on a wall or in a dedicated place on the street to exhibit their unique artistic twists to recycled items. So the next time you pass by a street wall and notice a pot hanging from it, take a picture as this is art!

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding 2022 Unique Event Entertainment then please contact Streets United using the details below.

Streets United Event Entertainment
Email – info@streetutd.com
Tel – +44 2081 330 249
Whatsapp – +44 7818 226993

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