New Years Eve DRONE Fireworks Entertainment

After this unusual year, how does New Years Eve Drone Fireworks entertainment sound to you?

What kind of exciting entertainment would you like to see end this year?

After a year of turmoil and uncertainty, Streets United will end 2020 with a bang and provide New Years Eve drone fireworks entertainment like no other.  When you hear the words ‘New Years Eve’ you automatically think of bright lights and fireworks, but Streets United have taken it that little bit further.

Is it a drone? Is it fireworks? No, it’s both!  It’s a combined display of carefully programmed drone sequences that happen to have fireworks projected from them. Now, how’s that for entertainment?

Event Types

This entertainment is like no other as the drones and fireworks create synchronised formations and interact with the music rhythm.

You can promote your business or company by having your logo as one of the firework displays in the show. Another option would be to have the drones create a formation of your logo by lighting it up in the night sky. The options are endless and a fantastic way of advertising your brand. This truly amazing experience will bring a form of energy and entertainment to any New Years eve event.

Locations of Events

To get the full effect of this spectacular entertainment, it’s best seen at night or in a dark room with enough space for the drones to perform. This mesmerising display of world-class entertainment is suitable to be held anywhere in the world.

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding this New Years Eve drone fireworks entertainment, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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