Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas

Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas

What kind of Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas are available for events?

How can shop opening entertainment be made more exciting?

There are many office opening entertainment ideas on offer at Streets United. An office opening is a very important moment for any company. It’s a great opportunity to introduce the business as well as the new employees to the company values and culture. There are a few things to consider when planning an office opening. Some things you should consider are how many people will be attending and what kind of entertainment will engage your audience to leave a lasting impression of your company.

Sand Sculpture for office opening entertainment

At Streets United we can provide you with a talented artist who will create an amazing sand sculpture before your eyes. This is a great way to introduce your company and the best part is, you don’t need much space. It’s perfect for an office opening and will leave guests with an unforgettable experience!

Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas
Sand Sculpture for Office Opening

Interactive Entertainment for Office Openings

Graffiti interactive entertainment and spray painting is a great way to stimulate creativity and get people involved in the space. It increases chances of staff interaction and collaboration, while beautifying any office space. At the end of it, if the creations are good enough, you can keep them as an office feature wall or space and add to it at any time.

Projection Mapping for your office opening

This is a great way to make the opening of an office building a memorable event. You can have a projection of your company name or logo on your building or office front. Projection mapping will provide great entertainment and create an atmosphere that will captivate your guests.

Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas
Projection Mapping for your office opening

Sports Entertainment for your Office Opening

If you’re after a different type of entertainment which requires a bit more energy, this would be perfect. A football pool playing table is a fun, interactive way of playing 2 sports in 1 really. This would be great for a sports or football company opening.

Office Opening ENTERTAINMENT ideas
Football Pool Entertainment

Private Office opening Entertainment

Is your event for a small office/company opening? This cake projection mapping entertainment is great for any type of event. You can choose to have whatever you wish displayed onto the blank surface such as a company logo in flashing lights or a video projection of how the company came into being.

Cake projection mapping entertainment

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