Quick Change Dance Performers

Quick Change Stage Entertainers

What exactly are quick change dance performances?

How can a person in a quick change entertainment show change so quickly?

It is an amazing spectacle to see how quickly entertainers or artists change in a quick change performance. You might have seen these types of shows performed on talent shows or on TV productions but to witness this quick change dance performers show live is something absolutely incredible. Their ability to distract the audience and quickly change into another costume within a matter of milliseconds is just unbelievable.


Some quick change dance performers have the ability to change their costumes over 10 times within a matter of a few minutes which leaves audiences absolutely stunned and gobsmacked.


World Famous Speed

This duo quick change dance performers act is considered as one of the fastest in the world. They have been timed and clocked as to how quickly they’re changes are between their costumes and it has been recognised as probably one of the fastest in the world.

Not only do these quick change artists change very quickly but the way that they dance and interact with the audience with there choreographed and creative dance routines simply makes this quick change entertainment show one of the world’s best.

Prestigious Events / Costumes

This quick change dance performers act has been performed at a variety of events that include corporate events, brand launches, shopping centre entertainment, fashion shows and private events. If there is a certain type of colour or costume that the client or the themed event would prefer the artists to wear whether it be a branded costume or branded clothing then certain clothing can be included into their show.

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