Specialists in Indian company corporate entertainment

What kind of specialists in Indian company corporate entertainment is out there?

How can corporate entertainment be made more appealing?

When is comes to entertainment in India, Streets United are the number one specialists in Indian company corporate entertainment. If it’s extreme you’re after, than you’ll get it. If you wanted a more tranquil acrobatic piece of entertainment then we can provide that too, but if you’re after glitz and glamour and excitement, then you guessed it…we can help with it all!

Artistic Entertainment

Artistic, doesn’t always mean paint and drawings, it can come in all different forms. These can be in the form of sand art portraits, where sand is spread onto paper and created into a portrait – this is incredible to watch it all come together. There can also be sand sculptures (this is usually done on a large surface depending on the size of the sculpture you want. Another popular form of art is ice sculpting. The details in these sculptures are often second to none! Another very different form of art is hub cap artwork, it’s amazing what can be made with the hub from a car!

Sports Entertainment

When it comes to sports, Streets United offer it all! From rugby freestylers to football, basketball and tennis tricksters they can certainly brighten up your corporate event with their unbelievable talent and skills. From juggling footballs to acrobatic basketball dunks, these artists can wow the crowd! The basketball dunkers are very nimble when bouncing on the mini trampolines and performing tricks in the air all whilst holding onto a basketball.

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