2022 Event ENTERTAINMENT supplier to Asian Events

BMX Stunt Riders

What would 2022 event entertainment supplier to Asian events do at a performance?

How can events be made better for the 2022 market?

In events, 2022 event entertainment supplier to Asian Events will certainly explode after the break in the entertainment world. Event entertainment suppliers will certainly be causing havoc in the industry and this is where Streets United turn it up! We can supply entertainment of all aspects to Asian Events.

LED Stilt Walkers

We supply many different acts to events, but one that stands out especially for Asian events is LED lighting stilt walkers. They are a very popular act and this is why a different elements to your entertainment would be a great event feature. LED light stilt walker entertainers for events in Asia have been known to put on a fantastic show. These entertainers are basically elegant fairies on stilts. They stand tall with their array of bright colours shining from their costumes whilst balancing on stilts. A truly amazing balancing LED light act!

BMX Freestylers

We know that Asian events aren’t just about the bright lights and colours, there needs to be an element of skill too! This is why Streets United can provide something a little more different – BMX freestylers.

This stage show is made up of a duo act and is a choreographed bmx flatland show. This is where riders synchronise their tricks and moves to the music.
As difficult as it is to perform BMX freestyle tricks these BMX riders have perfected not only being on a small stage together but also the timing of performing their flatland freestyle tricks together.

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