Sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games

Sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games

What kind of Sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games are there?

How can Olympic games entertainment be enhanced to wow the crowds?

The 2020 Olympic games had to be rescheduled because of the worldwide pandemic last year. That’s why this year sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games is definitely in demand. Streets United have put together a long list of entertainment for these games in order to keep the audience going. Everyone is looking forward to some exciting entertainment both on and off the tracks or playing fields.

Football Entertainment

Football is popular sport worldwide and what better way to celebrate than by kicking a ball. Streets United provide professional football freestylers for anything event. They can balance balls on their head or feet whilst bouncing them with different parts of their bodies. They have unique tricks to perform and will definitely keep you entertained.

Football Freestyler in action

Dance Entertainment

Dancing comes in all different forms, but at Streets United we provide some of the most talented, professional break dancers in the world. Our break-dancers can balance on both arms whilst jumping around or on one are whilst striking a pose. They can perform the most incredible head spins, which seem to go on for ages and will leave you speechless.

Sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games
Fancy a one hand balance?

Sporting Entertainment Ideas for 2021 Olympic games

For those crowd members who are less intrigued with entertainment and would rather entertain themselves, we have something for them too. We can offer a ‘make-shift’ fake swimming pool sheet with inflatables for people to lounge around in. Make sure to take your speedos!

Swimming pool fun
Fake swimming pool fun

Walkabout Sports Entertainers

We also have some walkabout entertainers that will interact and excite the crowds. These can be in the form of any sporting discipline you wish. Our popular ones are the rough and tough rugby entertainers who go around dressed as very dirty rugby players and try to tackle you. Make sure to be on guard!

Sporting entertainment ideas for 2021 Olympic games
Dirty rugby ‘scrum’

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