Entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding

Entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding

How can I get the best entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding?

How can wedding entertainment be improved nowadays?

We all know that weddings can be a stressful time ,this is why Streets United can help provide entertainment for my outdoor wedding. Most weddings are indoors depending on weather. Outdoor weddings are quite common in hot countries and the entertainment provided for these are second to none. Wedding entertainment can be as subtle or as extravagant as you’d like it to be.

Digital Entertainment

The world is surrounded by technology and what better way to keep guests entertained at a wedding than by having a digital magician at hand. This type of entertainment keeps both old and young guests happy. You can have a digital caricaturist who draws swiftly across his/her tablet and produces the most accurate comical portraits of your guests. There are also digital iPad magicians who don’t just pull out rabbits out of a hat. They have a lot more mind-blowing tricks up their sleeves …or in their digital displays.

Entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding
IPad Magician in action

Acrobatic Waiters           

You can surprise your guests by having acrobat waiters serving them. This will definitely put an edge onto your entertainment. The waiters dress up to suit the event and randomly perform tricks such as somersaulting over a tray of glasses of champagne. They can also perform some freestyle breakdancing and even get your guests on the dance floor to get the party in motion.

Entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding
Flying waiter

Interactive Entertainment

This is perfect for an outdoor wedding as it’s a life size football pool table. How it works is footballs are on a pool table and guests have to score by getting all the balls into the holes just like in pool.

Entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding
Have a kick about at your wedding

If you have any further questions or requests regarding entertainment for my OUTDOOR wedding, please contact Streets United using the details below.

Streets United Event Entertainment
Email – info@streetsutd.com
Tel – +44 2081 330 249
Whatsapp – +44 7818 226993

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