Entertainment ideas for F1 events

What kind of entertainment ideas for F1 events are out there?

What makes F1 event entertainment so great?

If you’ve ever been to a Formula One racing event you will know how exciting it is to watch. In order for the event to stand out even more, Streets United can help in providing the best entertainment ideas for F1 events.

Car Stunt Entertainment for F1 Events

If you’ve ever seen a car stunt being performed you will be totally shocked at the talent of stunt car drivers. Professional drivers who perform stunts have some crazy tricks up their sleeves. This can be from balancing the car on its side on just two wheels and you can have the driver in or out of the car whilst this is happening. Another famous stunt that can be done is parallel parking a car between two other cars in just one smooth movement. A very popular move involves three drivers standing on top of a car whilst doing wheelies, this you have to see to believe!

Entertainment ideas for F1 events
Balancing act on 2 wheels

Stage Entertainment for F1 Events

Whilst cars are a focal point at any Formula One event, entertainment makes it even more amazing. This can be in the form of dance stage entertainers who perform various acrobatic moves. The sheer power and talent of these artists, such as holding their own body weight up can be seen in their performances.

F1 Creative Entertainment

What better way to provide entertainment at an F1 event then by having an F1 car drawn in 3D art. This drawing is done by a professional artist and is popular with both the young and old attendees. Many people tend to take pictures of themselves posing with the creatively drawn car.

3D F1 Artwork on display

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