Stunt Performers for LIVE events

What kind of stunt performance for live events are available in the entertainment world?

Can stunt performances really entice an audience?

If you’ve ever seen stunt performers for live events in action then you know you are in for a treat. The word ‘stunt’ says it all as you know it’s going to be extreme. Here at Streets United we provide professional and experienced entertainment for any event you wish to have. There are many different stunt performers that you can have at your event. If you’re after the wow factor then you definitely have come to the right place as we can provide you with a huge pool outstanding performers to choose from.

Parkour Stunt Performers

Parkour has become very popular over the years. It is a skilled performance when people aim to get from one point to another as quickly and slickly as possible. They do this by using their own jumping techniques and stamina to aid themselves in achieving their goal. For example, jumping across from one storage container to another whilst 2 metres apart is an easy job for a parkour performer.

Car & Motorbike Stunt performers

Car stunt shows are usually nail biting. Motorbike stunt performers are just as amazing to watch, but a combination of both is incredible. At Streets United we offer both car and motorbike stunt performers as entertainment. From hanging onto your handlebars with your feet in the air to doing a handstand on top of the car roof whilst moving we’ve got all the professional stunt performers to hand.

Stunt performers for LIVE events
Car Stunt Perfromers

Jumping around kind of performers

For these professional artists, jumping around is what they’re paid to do. With their blade runner jumping aids or their pogo sticks, these stunt performers will literally jump around you for your entertainment.

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