STUNT entertainment Shows for touring bands

STUNT entertainment Shows for touring bands

How can STUNT entertainment Shows for touring bands be increase awareness in today’s world?

What kind of stunt entertainment is available for event entertainment?

Streets United provides the best stunt entertainment shows for touring bands all over the world. Stunt entertainment can be extremely dangerous putting many performance lives on the line, but it provides the audience with some amazing entertainment. It’s not often you see stunt entertainment for touring bands, but at Streets United we like to provide a variety of entertainment for any type of event.

Motorbike Stunt Entertainers for touring bands

In order to be a motorbike stunt entertainer you need to have some serious extreme bike skills. The performer does tricks & stunts on the motorbike that will simply boggle your mind and think how can it be possible to carry out those stunts. A motorbike stunt entertainer has the ability to turn any open space into a playground full of fun. Obstacles are set up or moving targets to jump over, anything you can think of to create an extreme act will result in a top-class show.

Power Rising Jumpers

Power rising entertainment or also known as power bocking is performed anywhere. It can be on the streets as live stage entertainment or for live street marketing campaigns. The performers who use the apparatus look like kangaroos jumping around. They can propel to heights of up to 2m in the air. Power risers attract a huge crowd wherever they perform. It is an absolutely gob smacking experience for any person watching. The requirement to have a Power Riser at your event is that there is a non-slip surface, minimum space of 10m(L) x 10m(W) x 3.5m(H) and a cordoned off area so there are no interruptions to the show.

STUNT entertainment Shows for touring bands
Power Risers in action

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