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WOW factor stunt show for events in Dubai UAE

How can a WOW factor stunt show for events in Dubai UAE be executed? What [...]

Entertainment for Shopping Malls

Are you looking for a special kind of entertainment for your next event in a shopping mall? Could some urban [...]

Street Dancers in Dubai

Are you looking for street dance entertainers for your event in Dubai? Could street or breakdancers wow people attending [...]

Multi Talented Entertainer UAE

Are you looking for special entertainers for your event in UAE? Could a multi-talented entertainer wow people attending your event [...]

UK Freestyle Footballers – in Dubai – UAE

  The UK’s entertainment act of the year recently were invited to perform at an [...]

Freestyle Football Duo Show PERFORM at Indoor football match – DUBAI

WE are happy to announce that  UK’s Entertainment Act of the Year 2012 will perform at [...]

Basketball Duo Entertainers UK

Are you looking for UK basketball duo entertainers?  Why hire this UK basketball duo? – The [...]

Football Freestylers in London UK

Are you looking for a football freestyler for your event in London or in the UK? Want to [...]

Basketball Freestylers & Breakdancers perform in DUBAI

Check out some freestyle action from some recent shows performed by basketball and football freestylers [...]

Parkour in Dubai

EXPLORE the CITY through the eyes of an ARTIST This video is meant to not [...]

London’s Football Tricksters and Freestyle Entertainers

Looking for Entertainment in London UK? Searching for a football freestyle entertainer in London? Just [...]

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Urban Street Entertainers for Street Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for perfect awareness entertainment for your marketing campaign? Do you know what kinds of [...]

Urban Street Entertainment for Shopping Center Activation Events

Are you looking for perfect entertainment for a shopping centre activation event? Do you know what kinds of entertainers [...]

Urban Extreme Entertainment Artists for Stunts & Shows

Are you looking for professional stunt entertainers or artists ? Can entertainers perform stunts for the public ? [...]

Urban Street Entertainment for Theme Park Events

Are you looking for perfect entertainment for your corporate event or your Theme Park Event? [...]

Female trial bike rider

  Spotted in Dubai: female trial bike rider in advertisement poster for sun glasses outlets, [...]

The World Freestyle Football Competition

Hey world, if you want to see sports, entertainment and adrenaline all at once, be [...]

Dance tournament in Dubai

The inspirational image of the day comes from Dubai, from a dance tournament. What do [...]