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High Wire Stunts

Are you looking for professional stunt entertainers or artists ?

Can entertainers perform stunts for the public ?

What Stunts can be performed and who can coordinate the stunts?

High Wire Stunts
High Wire Walking

Stunt Entertainers for Events – Photo – Film or Video Shoots

Whether it be a mountain bike PR stunt, a high tight rope walking stunt for a guerrilla marketing campaign or simply a stunt required by an acrobatic dancer for a music video. We can from our database of professional artists suggest ideal individuals or groups to choose from for your specific event or shoot.

Professional & Insured

Making a stunt run smoothly for you or your clients or guests is our priority that’s why we supply professional and experienced artists that are contracted to have their own public liability insurance to cover them adequately for what they are qualified to do.
We can supply risk assessments, insurance certificates upon request. 

What Stunts Can be Performed & Coordination

Stunts can vary in difficulty thats why a stunt coordinator is always advisable to have on site of a public event or a private video or photo shoot.
Whether its jumping over a car whilst riding a bike or doing a front flip off a skateboard, no stunt is impossible. Professional advice is available from us as well as a list of various stunt entertainment artists to choose from.

Types Of Stunt Artists

We have previously supplied martial artists to double in film shoots, football freestylers to stunt double for football players and tight rope walkers who have performed PR stunts over bridges and mountain tops.

Here below are some pictures from various stunt shows and video shoots:

If you have seen a stunt before or have some comments you which to leave about stunts you have see on TV or performed in public please do so below.


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