Inspirational Talks & Shows for School & University Events

Are you looking for some inspiring athletes or artists for School or University Talks?

Ever thought about inspirational talks given by a world record holding athlete or artist?

Can interactive entertainment inspire and encourage students to have a better outlook on studies?

Inspirational Workshops
Inspirational Freestyle Football Workshops

We at Streets United can suggest some of the most recognised, world record holding, world or continental champions in their street and urban arts for any school or university event.

How are students and pupils inspired?

Street dancers, skateboarders and football freestyle entertainers currently are in the mainstream limelight featuring on music videos and winning major talent shows like America’s Got Talent or Britains Got Talent. The achievements by these great athletes and artists inspire millions of youth world wide and the youth look up to these urban, street originated artists that are now recognised as role models for students.


How can students be inspired?

After potentially seeing an artist or a group on TV, Youtube or at a live event students are hyped already by the fact of a role model coming to their school or university to perform and give an inspirational talk.
Some Youtube / TV made famous artists or athletes have come from the worst, underpriviledged of backgrounds and by them having shot to fame with their talent is an inspiration in itself.


Professional & Insured

Making an inspirational talk run smoothly is our priority that’s why we supply professional and experienced artists that usually hold their own public liability insurance.


The inspirational talks and show

Usually a short introduction is given by the group , athlete or artist followed by performance or demonstration of their skill or talent that can last between5-10mins.
An inspirational talk is then given about the groups or individuals background followed by an answer and questions  session. This is then followed by some demonstration workshops where students can try their hand at the groups or artists art form or sport.

Types of inspirational entertainment

Our talented artists can liven any audience and without a doubt guarantee high quality inspiration and entertainment!

Here are some pictures from previous school and university events where we have supplied -inspirational basketball freestylersfootball freestylers, martial art performers and street dancers

For more details on what other inspirational artists or athletes we can supply for a school or university event please contact:

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249



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