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Entertainers for Sporting Events

Are you looking for a special kind of entertainment for your next sporting event? Could our Entertainers wow people attending your next sporting event? [...]

Douglas Magician – Sergios Friend

Are you looking for a special kind of entertainment for your event? Could Douglas Magician wow people attending your event? Hopefully [...]

Guerilla Marketing Stunt Activations

Are you looking for a special kind of entertainment for your live event? Could Guerilla Marketing Stunt Activations wow people [...]

Street Dancers in Dubai

Are you looking for street dance entertainers for your event in Dubai? Could street or breakdancers wow people attending [...]

UK basketball freestyler

Looking for a basketball freestyler in the UK? Why hire our basketball freestyler? Ever seen [...]

Unicycle Obstacle Course – UK

This show that can be set up anywhere using any amount of urban and extreme [...]

Football Freestyle Goal

A snip bit of the former world freestyle football champion performing his goal post show. [...]

BMX Entertainment

What is BMX Entertainment ? BMX is one of the very few street sports to feature in [...]

Frisbee Freestyle Entertainment

What is frisbee freestyle entertainment? Can frisbee freestyle workshops be provided? – European and World Freestyle Frisbee Champions – [...]

Inline Skating Entertainment

What is inline skating entertainment? Are inline skating shows done by solo riders show, or in [...]

Extreme Unicycle Entertainment Show

How do unicycle artists entertain? What kind of show can be put on with a number of [...]

Inspirational Talks & Shows for School & University Events

Are you looking for some inspiring athletes or artists for School or University Talks? Ever [...]

Urban Street Entertainment for Theme or Amusement Parks

Are you looking for exciting entertainment for an amusement park? Do you know what kinds of entertainers [...]

Female trial bike rider

  Spotted in Dubai: female trial bike rider in advertisement poster for sun glasses outlets, [...]

Frisbee Freestyle Stage Show Entertainment

Frisbee entertainment is more than the game we play when we are children or when [...]

Parkour competition

The Parkour Competition Cross Urban Scramble has been rescheduled for March/April 2013. For those interested [...]

Football Freestyle

Ideally, start your today with some healthy food and some sport! The yogurt brand Yago blends [...]

Skate Zebra

Should you encounter this place, it’s not advisable to try to skate on it, unless [...]

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