Urban Street Entertainers for Street Marketing Campaigns

Street Marketing 3d art

Are you looking for perfect awareness entertainment for your marketing campaign?

Do you know what kinds of entertainers to choose for your guerrilla marketing campaign?

Would you like interactive entertainment for your PR marketing campaign?

3D Street Art
3D Street Art

We can suggest or provide the solutions to any marketing campaign, PR or guerrilla marketing activity.

Entertainers or artists for guerrilla, PR marketing campaign

Finding the right artists or entertainers for a marketing campaign is crucial to your brand or events message. If artists are required to be dressed in a certain way or perform their skills in a way that represents the brand or marketing campaign we can supply appropriately dressed artists in any type of costumes. We can also choreograph performances or artists in a what ever way that best portrays the brand or the campaign.

Professional & insured

Making a marketing event run smoothly  is our priority, that’s why we supply professional and experienced artists that are contracted to have their own public liability insurance.

3D Street Art

Workshops & interactive entertainment

Should you want that extra interactive entertainment edge at marketing campaign, the majority of our acts and artists are able to interact with the watching audience and get them involved in their performance or show by teaching them a few basic and simple skill.
Imagine an audience member  having a go at a few basketball freestyle moves……..smiles to faces all round!

Types of entertainment

The artists we represent world wide have the ability to attract audiences and crowds within seconds thus making any guerrilla marketing or PR marketing campaign gain its maximum exposure to potential customers or buyers.

Here are some pictures from previous marketing campaigns where we have supplied – chair balancing acrobats, 3D street artists, basketball freestylers, BMX entertainers, extreme unicyclists and many other unique and interesting acts. 

For more details on what entertainment we can supply for marketing campaigns please contact:

Streets United

T: (+44) 208 133 0249

e: info@streetsutd.com

w: www.streetsutd.com


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