What if you could have TECHNOLOGY stunt performance ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS entertaining your guests?

Are you hosting an event and looking for amazingly unique entertainment?

If you are looking at hosting an event but are tired of the ordinary entertainment options available everywhere, don’t despair! Streets United can provide you with TECHNOLOGY stunt performance ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS who will make you event a success and give your guests the experience of a lifetime.

Type of performance

The performance entails a range of entertainment from LED light dancers, Tron hoverboard artists, LED suit parkour artists and projection mapping acrobat shows! The Tron artists are incredible to watch as the audience can see all the pieces in the figures coming together in the dark and many dancers reappearing with the lights on their suits after being completely hidden. When all visible, the Tron artists’ synchronised dance moves are amazingly hypnotising to watch!

If you are more into acrobatic dancing then the projection mapping acrobat show will take your breath away with the incredible on-air moves that coordinate with the background! If you want to personalise the performance, all light colours can suit your event, helping promote your product or brand!

Purpose of the show

The duration of each performance ranges from five to fifteen minutes long, making it the perfect length for opening shows, mid-dinner performances or closing shows. Whether you are hosting a sporting event, award ceremony event, corporate event or any other stadium related event that requires an incredible show that will leave the crowd amazed, the TECHNOLOGY stunt performance ENTERTAINERS for EVENTS is the most suitable and unique entertainment option you will find!

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