Top 3 digital entertainment ideas for 2022

digital entertainment ideas for 2022

What are the top 3 digital entertainment ideas for 2022?

How has digital technology improved over the past decade?

It is difficult to pinpoint what the top 3 digital entertainment ideas for 2022 will be. Over the past decade we’ve seen technology improve by the day. Digital technology in entertainment has also been developed to a very high quality making the competition very stiff. Streets United have a vast range of digital entertainment ideas for your events in 2022. Below we have put together our most popular top 3 digital entertainment pleasers.

Digital I-phone & I-pad Entertainer

Magicians of the past has to think of varies tricks to perform at parties for entertainment. In 2022, digital entertainers are set to take the entertainment world by storm! If you book a digital magician for your next event you will see some unbelievable magic happen before your eyes! This digital i-phone/i-pad entertainer will blow you away with his talent.

Digital Speed Painting Entertainer

This unique and absolutely revolutionary digital speed painting artist has taken the world by storm and swapping his real paints for digital spray paint. The art of digital spray painting has only over the past few months developed where digital graffiti walls have been turned into canvases that this creative and professional speed painting entertainer has certainly made the most of.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Interactive Digital Graffiti Walls brings out the creativity in anyone no matter their art skills. You can easily spray and remove what you’ve done all whilst achieving that graffiti look. An added extra feature that can be attached to the Digital Graffiti wall is the printing of creative designs onto various things such as T-shirts, stickers and material bags just to name a few.

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