Specialists in Street Performer Entertainment

Specialists in Street Performer Entertainment

What kind of specialists in street performer entertainment is out there?

Has the demand for street performance increased over the years?

If you’re after specialists in street performer entertainment, then Streets United is your go to agency! We provide high-quality, specialist entertainment that aim to cater to all your event needs. Street performers can be found anywhere in the world and they provide highly entertaining shows. They aren’t just dedicated to performing on the streets, they can perform at a variety of events including promotional events, corporate and private events too.

Pogo stick street performers

Streets United provide skilled pogo stick entertainers who perform a variety of different tricks. This can be from somersaults to flips to jumping over cars to their acts just to get the crowd going. These professional pogo stick stunt entertainers have been bouncing around for years having performed at live stage events or as part of street marketing campaigns too.

Street Dancers

Dancing on a stage is usually a scary thing, but dancing in the streets is even more daunting. Not when it comes to professional street dancers. These performers dance to any type of music whilst performing various tricks and moves to wow the crowd. Streets United have a habit of finding some great street dancers that provide some skilful entertainment.

Beatbox street performers

Beatboxing into a mic is not as easy as it looks! These talented artists can “spit beats out” to crowds of people walking through the streets. It is amazing to watch and hear the different sounds and sequences that come out of their mouths.

If you have any further questions or requests regarding these specialists in street performer entertainment then please contact Streets United using the details below.

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Tel – +44 2081 330 249
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