Video Shoot Street Dance Professionals

Looking for video shoot street dance professionals for your upcoming promo shoots?
Eager to spice up your television commercials with our video shoot street dancers?

Our Video Shoots Street Dance Professionals

Famous in and around Britain, having performed on a large number of streets in and around London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Amazing is a word that does not even begin to describe this group of astounding professional street dancers.

One of the most professional street dance choreographers, with their killer dance moves and captivating flips and tricks, this group of individuals dominate any performance they take part in. This group of diverse individuals indulge themselves in their work hence every performance they give is one for the record books.

Featuring in many big and entertaining television commercials this dynamic group are no strangers to the limelight. They bring a natural enthusiastic flare to the big screen and without a doubt make any commercial their own and very memorable. Our video shoot street dancers have a huge social media following with a numerous amount of diverse fans. These video shoot street dance professionals love taking part in a large number of social media video shoots in and around London making ever lasting impressions around the world with their technique and skills.

This group we have at Streets United Event Entertainment is also available for any promos & corporate video shoots anywhere around the globe big or small and with their bubbly energy and wow dance moves there is no doubt they will draw in a large amount of attention.

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