World Freestyle Football Day

Saturday the 1st of September is World Freestyle Football Day. Freestyle football  A fusion of sports and entertainmentin which practitioners juggle a football using all parts of the body.  The aim is:

-To Entertain and…
-To compete against others
-And to use the art of football in connecting
to the streets

How It Works

Anyone can participate… Alone or with friends.

 All you need is a ball (and some music helps for atmosphere and inspiration). It all starts by juggling a football, building confidence and then being creative.

Post evidence of you taking part to:
-Twitter: @F3ontheball using the hash tag #worldfreestyleday

Prizes to be won for the best pictures and videos of the day
Be a part of the worldwide fun





An estimated 10,000 people took part in 2010 and over 120,000 in 2011 across 6 continents. The greatest freestylers on the planet all take part.

Be a Part of World Freestyle Day
Pick up a football on 1st September 2012 and get involved
Check YouTube channel for videos and links to other top channels
Learn more about Freestyle Football at


For any questions email:



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