WORLD Class Drone Event Entertainment Show

Planning drone entertainment shows for events

Do you want a WORLD class drone event entertainment show to wow your guests?

Are you hosting an event and looking for unique entertainment?

Some might say that drone displays are the modern fireworks and if you want to have this up-to-date entertainment at your event, then Streets United can help you. Streets United provides events organisers with top entertainment options such as this WORLD class drone event entertainment show

Performance type

This entertainment is available for both small and large sized drone shows, depending on what you require for your event. The drone event entertainment show is perfect for any type of event, whether it is a festival, a sporting event, a corporate event or even a private one. The fully licensed and certified drone flyers will put on a drone display like you have never seen before, making up the most exciting shapes in the air such as animals, flags and landmarks! The fact that all of these shapes are not static in the air and move around means that the transition from one shape to the next is smooth and the show even more impressive to watch! 

Location of the show

This WORLD class drone event entertainment show can happen wherever in the world you want to host your event! To make sure the performance is able to happen to its full potential, please make sure that there is enough outdoor space to fly between 50 to 250 drones at the same time. The logistics of the show and the handling of drones from location to location is professional, ensuring that the event is safely performed and up to the highest standards so that you have a memorable time.

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