Pickpocket Entertainer for events

Have you ever seen the world’s best magic PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINER in action?

Did you know that pickpocketing has now become a live stage performing act?

This illusionist and magician is recognized as one of the world’s best magic PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINERS whether it is live stage performing or roaming entertainment. As a PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINER it is exactly what pickpocketing is but in a humorous and hilarious way that shows and demonstrates a variety of magic techniques used by specialist magicians.



This specialist and well-known pickpocket magic entertainer has performed on stages at a variety of conferences, exhibitions, private events, corporate events, birthday parties and seminars worldwide.

The world’s best magic PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINER has performed in different countries that include France, UK, UAE, the USA, Brazil, China, Malaysia and India just to name a few.

Memorable Magical Entertainment

The creation of memorable magic by the world’s best magic PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINER is his main objective and is what makes him and his watching ordinances the happiest people on earth. The reason being is because with a certain magic element or trick that can be demonstrated or created through pickpocketing the person that is being used as an interactive person with the specialist magician will no doubt always remember the time when they got pickpocketed on stage in front of people whilst the world’s best magic PICKPOCKET ENTERTAINER performs his magic.

Involving Brands & Products

When it comes to involving brands and products this specialist pickpocket stage performing entertainer can utilize his skills by either placing objects, business cards, flyers or merchandising material in people’s pockets and then whilst performing his pickpocket magic tricks take out of guests pockets and show them the branded product or business card which then they can keep and take home with them. This creates and incredible opportunity for a brand and the people that will potentially purchase a product from that particular brand.


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