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What is acrobatic duo entertainment for events?

How can an acrobatic duo entertain?

The details below and information will give you a guide on what and how a duo acrobatic show can entertain at various types of events.

Acrobatic Duo for Events
Acrobatic Duo for Events

A professional acrobatic duo more than often have had many many years performing and training together in order to put together their do acrobatic entertainment show.

The ability for them to perform and create a variety of choreographed acrobatic moves and hand balancing elements entails many long hours of training and sacrifice.

Different Themed Duo Acrobatic Entertainment

All depending upon the scene or the setting of the type of event the duo acrobatic entertainment show can be themed accordingly.

For example, the acrobatic show can be dressed in very elegant and smart suit clothing, if the acrobatic Duo entertainment show were to be performed for a corporate type of event.

If the duo acrobatic entertainment show where to be performed for a festival the pair of acrobats could be dressed in more circus or theatrical type of clothing.

Workshops & Acrobatic Lessons

Very simple and very basic acrobatic moves and balances can be given in terms of workshops when it comes to events such as festivals or family related events.

The acrobatic duo can give short and simple types of workshops where kids or adults of any ages can be involved in the workshops and learn how to do some very basic elements of acrobatic balances.

Technical Requirements:

– a minimum space of 4m x 4m

 – a non slippery performance service

 – a sound system to play a show or entertainment music

– a well lit up stage or performance area


For more information about acrobatic duo entertainment show please contact

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