AMAZING Mobile Phone Magic

AMAZING Mobile Phone Magic Entertainer

Have you ever witnessed an AMAZING mobile phone magic trick before?

Do mobile phone magicians exist?

There are some incredible and out of this world tricks that can and have been created by this specialist mobile phone magician. His tricks have triggered of sensational emotions for people from all ages and cultures at different type of events worldwide.


This AMAZING mobile phone magic entertainer has certainly captivated not only companies and brands but also many people at different events and exhibitions that are attend these mobile phones events.

His incredible mobile phone magic tricks consist of revealing certain things on his mobile phone screen & pulling certain objects out of his mobile phone.

Probably one of his most incredible magic mobile phone tricks is when he takes a picture from his mobile phone and then pulls that very same picture on photographic paper out of his mobile phone.

Magic with iPhone or Android, Microsoft 

All of this AMAZING Mobile Phone Magic can and has been created and performed at events in front of live audiences on iPhones, Android mobile cell phones and Microsoft mobile cell phones.

Specific magic tricks can be created on iPhones as well as specialized magician tricks that he can coordinate for Android mobile phones. If the mobile phone is a Microsoft phone, magic mobile tricks can be put together specifically for an event on a Microsoft mobile phone. 

Types of Events

Whether it is a corporate event, product launch, awards ceremony, private event, Bar Mitzvah or Bat mitzvah, birthday party, conference or product launch that involves some promotional activity this mobile magic entertainer will no doubt please any audience in any part of the world.

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