High Wire Performer for PR STUNTS

High Wire Entertainers for PR Stunts

What can a High Wire performer for PR STUNTS do for a marketing campaign?

Can a stunt tightrope walker really attract that much attention?

When it comes to attracting eyeballs or grabbing the attention for anybody that maybe going down a river or walking on a street this daredevil high wire entertainer who has performed at various events and represented variety of brands or been at the fore front of different PR marketing campaigns has certainly attracted a lot of attention.



Capturing audience’s Attention

The ability of this high wire performer for PR STUNTS when capturing an audience’s attention is incredible especially when it is a live audience watching. When it is a live audience that is taken by surprise the moment people begin to look upwards and point to the man walking across a tight wire 50 m up in the air. That immediate glimpse upwards creates a ripple effect to anybody on the ground and people begin to watch in anticipation and with intrigue.

The walking across a High Wire can not only be done as a normal high wire walk but can also be done when the high wire is alight with fire. Creating even more of a buzz.


Massive Publicity Possibilities

A variety of brands, marketing agencies and advertising agencies have called upon this hire wire performer for PR STUNTS to be the front runner in both online and offline PR stunt campaigns. Whether it be something that is required to go viral or whether it is a one off PR launch for absolutely anything this high wire performer for PR STUNTS has the ability to catch the eye and attract any audience.

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