Incredible Dance Hoverboard Entertainers

Choreographed Hoverboard Performers

Are you searching for some incredible dance hoverboard entertainers
Do you have any event that requires some High Technology entertainers?

These specialist technology performers are recognised as one of the top hoverboard or airwheel performance groups in the world. Their ability to move and dance whilst on these electronically controlled hoverboards is absolutely AMAZING and they are probably ranked as one of the top hoverboard performers groups in the world. Their choreographed moves and dance skills have been performed at a variety of events both prestigious and private events as well as for marketing campaigns, award ceremonies and viral videos.

The outstanding dance hoverboard entertainers have spent many hours putting together their choreographed routines and displays that have totally captured the attention of audiences both young and old.

Choreography for TV Commercials

Their choreographed and talented skills on the hoverboards or airwheel electronic devices has as taken them to the forefront of a variety of commercial brands and products where the brands have requested for their skills to be used in a variety of commercials and online social media videos. The incredible dance hoverboard artists have constructed and produced videos for Instagram posts, TV commercials for brand campaigns as well as YouTube videos for digital marketing promotional campaigns.

Performances in Numbers

The incredible dance hoverboard entertainers can perform as a group for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes show time. Their show can consist of between 3 to 10 hoverboard dance entertainers and their only requirement is that the surface that is performed on is smooth and flat.

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