Magic TECHNOLOGY Entertainer

Interactive tech magic

Have you ever seen a magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer in ACTION?

How does TECHNOLOGY and Magic work at events?

This is one-of-a-kind tick magician and phenomenon that has created an array of tricks and magic shows involving TECHNOLOGY and has certainly taken a variety of events, exhibitions and promotional campaigns by storm. The magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer incorporates his previously learned tricks with an iPad or a tablet where he integrates different card tricks as well as visual magic tricks with TECHNOLOGY.


These different TECHNOLOGY magic tricks that this magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer incorporates consists of card tricks where he reveals a card that has been chosen by the guest on the actual tablet. As well as pulling out notes of money from the iPad or tablet during his magic performance.

Exhibitions Events & Presentations

The magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer has certainly made some huge magic waves when it comes to exhibitions and conferences. He has previously been requested by a variety of brands and products to create such and tricks revolving around a product that may consist of either revealing the new product on his tablet whilst performing a totally different magic trick or alternatively pulling out of the iPad or tablet the actual product or brand name and giving it to the watching guests as some sort of memorabilia from the event.

Memorable Entertainment

As a magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer this professional magician’s objective is to leave a lasting memory on the guests that he has performed his magic for. And this is certainly what he thrives on in that every single trick that this magician performs triggers off an emotional effect to any watching person whether it be a laugh or a surprised look and then the reveal of his magic trick on his iPad or his tablet. Giving any guest at any event worldwide that lasting memory of what this magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer has done for them live.


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