Musical Entertainment Productions with Projection Mapping

Have you ever witnessed any musical entertainment productions with projection mapping?
How exactly does projection mapping work with musical entertainers?

The ability and the technology in which projection mapping can be displayed throughout a musical entertainment production has been something that is picking up in popularity with all types of events. The way images and a storyboard can be projected onto an LED screen or a background or backdrop for any type of event opens up the creative technology abilities.

One of the most popular types of musical productions with projection mapping is when a live band front run by a singer performs a series of music tracks with projection mapping of images and video onto the background and descending acrobats animate and enhance the projection in the background.

Live Background Projection Mapping

A musical production with projection mapping can consist of any type of live entertainers that’s animated the projection method in the background. Streets United have previously created shows that consists of live entertainers and musical performances at the very same time and the live entertainers that animated the projection mapping have been dance groups, acrobats and ballerinas.

Projection Ability onto any Surface – Building Sides or Containers

The projection mapping with musical entertainment productions can take place on any type of background for example the wall of a building, with a projection screen, the use of an LED light screen or a water spray screen. Entertainment productions with projection mapping gives a totally unique entertainment experience and brings any stage, venue or event to life.

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