PROJECTION MAPPING Entertainer For Events

Live TV Projection Mapping Entertainment

Have you ever seen a PROJECTION MAPPING entertainer for events?

Do you require a creative entertainment PROJECTION MAPPING show for your event?

This specialist speed painting entertainer has a variety of techniques that he uses in order to create his artwork. One of these unique and specialist techniques that used is by projecting images onto his canvas whilst he is creating his masterpiece. The masterpiece or speed painting can be finished within 5 to 8 minutes and can be finished in certain ways that include a normal speed painting portrait of a person or can be revealed using paint being splashed over the portrait or image as well as glitter being thrown over the finished creation.



Images that are projected onto the PROJECTION MAPPING entertainer for events canvas are images that kind of build up to the final creation for example if the final creation is a portrait of a particular person of the event. Images of the person in their early days whether it be images or video of there achievements or early life can be projected onto the canvas thus creating a build up in the reveal of the final creation.

The specialist speed painting entertainer can even create a portrait that is split in half in other words create the whole portrait on two separate canvases that have projected images onto them. At the end of completing both canvases he then joins the two canvases together and reveals the whole portrait.

Portraits and Landscape

This PROJECTION MAPPING entertainer for events not only can create portraits of famous people or of a special guest at an event but he can also create landscape as well as objects such as products or large vehicles for example if the event were a car launch.

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