Speed PAINTING Performer for CORPORATE Events

Speed Painting Entertainment for Corporate Events

Is it a speed PAINTING performer for CORPORATE events that you are after?

Would you like a portrait created for somebody attending your CORPORATE event?

This highly professional and internationally renowned speed PAINTING entertainer has impressed audiences worldwide at different types of CORPORATE events.


With the ability to create and finish a PAINTING within 5 – 6 minutes to a dramatical and intriguing piece of music this speed PAINTING performer knows how to grasp an audience’s attention and leave a lasting memory on their minds once the PAINTING has been completed.

The types of CORPORATE events that the speed PAINTING performer has performed at includes events for top brands such as Microsoft, MAERSK, Facebook, Sony and Virgin.

Whether your event be an event full of CORPORATE guests or party goers this speed PAINTING performer for CORPORATE events will undoubtedly give an incredible performance.


Portraits or Landscapes

The speed PAINTING can be absolutely anything from a portrait to a landscape to the front face of a shopping mall or a new product no matter what the brief is for the PAINTING to be created this talented and world-famous speed PAINTING performer will be able to create and put together a unique piece of artwork that will be ideal and fit into your specific CORPORATE event.

Speed PAINTINGS have been created for a variety of CORPORATE events from product launch events to conferences as well as at exhibitions and seminars for different products or services.


For any Occasion or Event

This speed PAINTING performer for CORPORATE events has marked his presence at a variety of occasions and events that include opening ceremonies for sporting events or private birthday parties where a portrait has been specifically created of the birthday person.

For more information about this speed PAINTING performer for CORPORATE events please contact

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