Interactive LED drum show

Would you like the one of world’s top LED LIGHT MUSICIANS to perform at your event?

Are you looking for a unique LED light music themed show for your corporate or private event?

Recognized as the world’s top LED LIGHT MUSICIANS this LED light drum show has taken the World by storm and performed on major stages throughout various events and festivals. A unique set up that works in a way where the percussion drum instruments when touched triggers a sound as well as a light projection effect. The trigger of the light effects can also be used as a projection effect so that any beat that is drummed or played triggers an animated projection onto a back screen or an LED screen.

This has worked perfectly when it comes to displaying any images or logos with an animated drum beat for events such as product launches or a launchers or award ceremonies.

Themed LED light colours

This unique and absolutely incredible world’s top LED LIGHT MUSICIAN show can be customised according to any type of event or function. The LED lights on the drum and any animated projection or logo that is triggered or animated when the drummer is playing can also be adapted according to any specification.

 Multiple colors can also be installed into the programming so that each LED lights drum that the musician plays on can have a different color on it and can either remain the same color or flash in different sequences throughout the performance.

These simple specialized specifications give the world’s top LED LIGHT MUSICIAN his renowned name for what he does and how he performs.

Projection of branding and logos

The projection of branding, logos or images that is triggered off as an animation by the LED drums can be projected onto a background projection screen or an LED screen. If it is an LED screen the projection can also be displayed on multiple screens as the world’s top LED LIGHT MUSICIAN has performed at stadiums where he is playing outside of the stadium and the animated images of messages and pictures has been triggered off in screens across the stadium.


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